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Media University Stuttgart

Schacht is a fast-paced 3D platformer, where you can use different game mechanics to beat a level as fast as possible. Compare your best times with your friends and with players all around the world.

Gravity Cub3d

Media University Stuttgart

Enter the world of Valerie, solve puzzles and take gravity as your weapon! Walk on walls naturally and pay attention to the lasers and deadly walls. You will learn to control gravity, to get along surreal rooms and find the exit. What will happen next? How did you come here and how will you escape? And be warned: Gravity may be your weapon, but sometimes it may not be on your side!

Ambrosia Project

Media University Stuttgart

The famous DNA-Researcher Caitlyn Miles dies in a mysterious accident while working for the highly controversial compony IRES. One year after the death of hise wife Eddie Miles receives a hint that his wife might be still alive. In search for the truth he takes on the adventure and travels to the island. A horrible disease spreads, mutated plants and company propaganda determine the life on the island. Can Eddie find the truth he searches for?


School Project

Stewie The Awesome Runner is a Jump'n'Run Game made by Marvin Pohl during a project in one school year.


Media University Stuttgart


There are four core mechanics: 

Dash: The character gains an instantly forward momentum to cover a huge distance. 
Wall Run: The character has the ability to run on certain walls. 
Grapple: Grapple points enable the character to swing from one platform to another. 
EMP: The character can set off an EMP to manipulate certain barriers, platforms and traps. 

Procedural Levels

Play an endless amount of procedurally generated levels, test your skills on daily, weekly and monthly challenges.
Beat your friends best time and set you name on top of the leaderboards.


Schacht has been greenlit by the community!
We are currently working towards bringing Schacht to early access. In the meantime follow us on our Steam greenlight page.